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D.A.G | 12V DC Fridge Cable

D.A.G | 12V DC Fridge Cable

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 D.A.G | 12V DC Fridge Cable

Specifically designed to supply 12 volts of direct current (DC) to a refrigerator. Many portable or camping refrigerators are designed to operate on a 12V DC power source, often from a vehicle's auxiliary power outlet (commonly known as the cigarette lighter socket).

The cable typically has a plug on one end that fits into the 12V DC socket in a vehicle, and the other end is designed to connect to the refrigerator, providing the necessary power for the fridge to function. This setup allows users to power their refrigerators while on the go, making it convenient for road trips, camping, or any situation where access to a standard power outlet may be limited.

Part Number:WA4x4-12VDCCABLE




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