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Racor Extra Fuel Filter Cartridge HILUX

Racor Extra Fuel Filter Cartridge HILUX

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Racor Extra Fuel Filter Cartridge HILUX

Fuel pollution, either in the form of dirt or water, will always find its way into your fuel system. In modern engines, even a small amount of water or particulates can cause microscopic surface damage. The damage is then focused on by the high-pressure fuel injection system, creating wear that will eventually lead to poor fuel efficiency and higher emissions. Managing fuel delivery and system cleanliness through proper filtration becomes an absolute imperative for economic engine operation.

  • Racor is a 3 way filter, water separator and water trap.
  • Removes loose water, dirt, rust and algae and suspended water.
  • 99% water removal efficiency
  • Transparent Bowl with drain tap and polypropylene )-ring with specific density that floats on water but not on fuel.


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